Fluency For Life

Fluency can be defined as having the ability to express oneself easily and articulately. The body can be understood as a communicator if you think of movement as a language. Fluent verbal communication can be described as free-flowing, smooth, easy, and effortless which allows for someone to be expressive and coherently articulate. There is no reason why these qualities of grace can’t be applied to physical communication. Within the body, there is a profound ability to shape the experience of living and it’s possible to engage the quality of your life through the quality of your movement.  

The Fluency For Life course is comprised of eight Awareness Through Movement lessons from The Feldenkrais Method that focus on rotation. Each lesson presents an opportunity to release and unwind your spine in delicate detail. When you feel articulation of the spine and fluency through the spine - you can confidently stand up to the world in both strength and softness. 

By seeking fluency through movement, you seek fluency for living.

12 Lessons

Welcome to Fluency For Life

This talk welcomes you to Fluency For Life and will introduce you to the 8 ATM lessons in this program which all focus on rotation and releasing the spine!

ATM 1: Crossing Knees & Twisting the Back

Release back and upper neck tension with this rotational lesson as you slowly engage different ways to explore a spinal twist. You’ll play with coordinations to let go of holding patterns and to introduce new physical results. Notice how your posture and quality of being upright will shift after this lesson.

ATM 2: Head Under Gap - Supine

This lesson offers a tremendous upper spine release. Work with rippling through your body to create a wave like motion that will help to smooth out your movement from foot to head. Stand up afterwards to experience the structural reset which naturally falls into place.

Talk: Fluently Free

During this talk I share my personal story that weaves together dance, stuttering, recovery, and The Feldenkrais Method. I reveal the heart of this work by revealing my own journey. Thank you for sharing and listening.

ATM 3: Arm Circles - Side Lying

Include more movement to create more ease in rotation. This lesson will help to provide understanding of how the legs, pelvis, torso, and arms can work together so that your spine can soften into a twist. As this lesson unfolds, you’ll connect through the torso and unwind the back in a gentle way to release unnecessary muscular holding.

ATM 4: Breathing Variations

Challenge your assumptions of what correct breathing means by exploring a wide range of breathing variations. This lesson can reduce muscle tension, enhance lung capacity, and even assist better skeletal organization by aligning yourself with the flow and fluency of breathing in different directions.

Talk: Attentive Articulations

This talk delves into the meaning of articulation within the body and beyond the body. Just as your skeleton articulately moves, so can your life. Take a moment to listen and think about your life in relation to healthy articulation.

ATM 5: Rocking - Prone

Free the upper back and revive yourself with this rocking lesson. Experience a complete change in a small amount of time with the significant spinal articulation in this lesson. The interesting spinal exploration coupled with the rocking easily inspires feelings of rejuvenation and clarity.

ATM 6: Seated Twist

This lesson offers the ability to experience a profound shift in spinal rotation and a greater range of motion. While zoomed into the spine, you’ll articulate up and down through the spine and you’ll be given the opportunity to work on not working so hard while you connect and integrate through the spine. It’s possible to feel the back muscles significantly soften and release which will offer surprising results.

Talk: Fluency Undone

During this talk I dive into the failures, the falls, the undone moments in life. Fluency, flow, and articulation can’t be constant because life naturally dips and curves. I address the importance of recovering from undone moments so fluency and flow can resume again and of course I express how the body plays an important role in this recovery process.

ATM 7: Tilting Legs into Sitting - Prone

Walk away from this lesson feeling very centered and strong as it deeply articulates the spine by way of activation. Strength and softness will be explored while mobility and stability will be experienced. This lesson works through spinal rotation from the prone position and connects the entire use of self so that the experience of being deeply rooted into the ground and into your physical experience is very common to feel after this work.

ATM 8 - Making Connections

Feel the integration sink in as you connect the dots from previous lessons learned to help articulate this movement from feet to hands. Strength and softness are revealed through the power of the spinal rotation just as fluency and articulation will linger within the lesson.