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Reset and Recover

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15 Lessons

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Intro to Reset and Recover

Welcome Talk

This talk will introduce you to Reset & Recover and the Awareness Through Movement approach that is used to reduce unwanted pain. You’ll learn what is needed for each lesson and what to expect from each lesson. I hope you enjoy the beginning of your process with these body-altering movement lessons!

ATM #1 - Free Your Back

Free your back as you gently roll into the feeling of length and lightness. You’ll stabilize your skeletal contact as you push through one leg to find the most efficient trajectory onto your side while softening the muscles around your ribs. There is such helpful information to learn in this lesson about how to release unnecessary hip and back tension. Soften in and explore this lesson over and over again!

Talk - Free to Feel

There are lessons within injuries that go deeper than the physical mending of the body. This talk urges the importance of pushing the pause button on the normal flow of life so that one can experience the difference between thinking through movement versus feeling your way through the movement - or, the moment.

ATM #2 - Fold into Flexion

Explore what it means to move from your center of gravity. Fold into flexion and investigate how to soften the front as you lengthen your back while staying focused in your center. This lesson will inform your abdominal connection without strain. It is possible to feel both strength and lightness from this lesson, making it very important for any movement investigation.

Talk - Total Vision

Imagine Michelangelo working on one of his masterpieces. This chip by chip process of sculpting reminds me of stages within the recovery process that are worked with during Awareness Through Movement. In this approach, we help to align not only our joints and body parts but also our feelings, sensations, thoughts, and actions.This talk addresses how we can work to slowly smooth out the rough corners and slow down so we can re-imagine and re-feel our whole use of self.

ATM #3 - Side Bending

Clarify your rib cage placement and stabilize your legs with this wonderful side bending lesson. You’ll explore how to soften your torso and engage full body connection to create your own physical insight.

ATM #4 - Reach and Rotate

Reorganize your torso to feel the connection from pelvis into your upper ribs and shoulders. Go bit by bit with this lesson to reveal the final step which will provide a surprising end result in your standing with ease. It’s simple and direct with no pushing needed which is what this work is about - providing you with postural adjustments that help connect your overall self-use.

Talk - Inside Intelligence

During this talk I share a personal story about two different learning environments that helped me and my intelligence to thrive. Not all learning environments are healthy and I urge people to know the difference between the helpful and unhelpful atmospheres so you too can learn where your intelligence thrives.

ATM #5 - Rolling from Side to Back

Revitalize with this faster paced lesson that challenges you to move from your center while rolling from side to back. The organization of this lesson will offer leg stability and mobility for the back and upper chest for an overall sense of ease and lightness. This lesson is concise and full of connection!

ATM #6 - Breathing: Upper and Lower

Explore breathing variations with this lesson by inhaling into the upper region and exhaling into the lower region. With every different position, you’ll experience the relief that attentive breath work can offer. Muscles soften, inner momentum quiets and your structure can fall into place with this simple breathing lesson.

Talk - Gatekeeper

During recovery, you not only need to tend to your body but you must also tend to the space, environment, and people around you. In this talk, I bring up the importance of observing what becomes harmful noise and stress to your recovery process. It is helpful to take a moment to consider all aspects of your life in connection to your journey into healthy action.

ATM #7 - Breathing: Seesaw

This breathing lesson is very stimulating and packed full of challenging learning opportunities. The Feldenkrais seesaw sequence is introduced and muscular holding patterns that surround the act of breathing will be invited to release. Experience how to reduce inner stress by playing with breath variations.

ATM #8 - Free Your Back from the Front

Engage, lengthen, and connect as you come full circle from the first lesson of this program. Test your torso and abdominal coordinations with this lesson while playing with center and sequential initiations. As you engage the learning from the first lesson, you’ll roll yourself into full motion connection!

Talk - Presence

Movement has always been the invitation into my deepest connection of self and life. In this final talk for Reset & Recover, I navigate through my experience of presence and touch upon the profound connection gained through the body and movement.